Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

So yesterday was the 4th of July. Hootie and I went with Liz, Bo, Faith and Collin to "The Redneck Riviera" to watch fireworks to watch all the drunk rednecks set off fireworks and possibly see one of them blow themselves up. Ok yes, I admit...Liz and I were secretly hoping to see one of them do just that. That's how it is....Liz just helps bring out the bitch in Ok, so I didn't want to see anyone badly hurt, maimed for life or killed...but you know, a little something would have been amusing to see. Nothing better than a bunch of drunk rednecks packing explosives. Ok, so maybe I could really think of a bunch of things that would be better, just maybe not as amusing. Man, the place was packed down there. Cars two deep in a lot of places on the beach and then the grass against the road filled with cars too. Fireworks everywhere. We really had to keep our eyes peeled in all directions because the fireworks were being shot off in all directions and you never know when one could come flying at you. Especially when people start thinking that its amusing to shoot them towards other people. Since it was low tide (REALLY low tide at that) we decided to let the kids all go and play at the edge of the water (amusing sidebar~~Hootie and I were watching Jaws before we left to go over to the beach....probably not the best movie to watch before playing at the beach at dusk AKA shark feeding time!!!) That quickly came to an end when some idiots started shooting bottle rockets and other fireworks too closely to our kids. Instead we moved the kiddos where we thought that they would be safe, on a blanket between our van and another vehicle.! Dudes to the right of us where trying to set off one of the fireworks that is like a box the shoots up like balls? Sort of something like that...whatever. Anyhow, the thing fell over after they lit it so I guess there was nothing that they could do. Well, I didn't know any of this until after it all happened but what I do know is that I saw this flash of white light flying straight for all of us. Damn near got Bo, then Liz, and then me but we all jumped back towards the road real quick. And then it flew like right past the kids' feet. Thankfully no one was hurt but it was damn close. I mean, fireworks are cool and all to watch but to be completely honest, they really kind of scare the hell outta me. I mean I sure won't be that chick out there lighting them. Umm, uh freakin' way. I hardly like to be the one that has to light the sparklers for my kids. And what about sparklers. Those damn things are dangerous too. Hootie burnt her hand last night playing with one. And I think 2 summers ago, me and at least one of the kids got burnt pretty badly with a sparkler. I prefer to be the chick that watches the pretty fireworks, back and from a safe distance. I am such a wimp now that I am old and have kids...haha. What happened to that old fearless me?? Well, I guess we will just save that post for another time maybe. For now I will just say bye bye...
Oh, and btw...Happy 4th of July!!!! (ok, so belated but with the same feeling nonetheless.)

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  1. The blog looks cool! Looking forward to more posts. And yeah, fireworks are cool...from a distance!


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